Our Services

Electrical Contractor

Electrical problems while remodeling can be annoying and dangerous. Whether you are remodeling, re-wiring or completely replacing wires, the help of a licensed electrician is highly recommended. Our residential electrician team is trained to handle whichever problems you come across in your home while doing electrical work.

If you need electrical wiring so you can install those speakers you bought for your new sound system, call up one of our electricians. Electrical upgrades like this are perfect for a residential electrician. If you have a larger job to do, give us a call and we will be on it. We also do commercial electrical wiring to get your home or business back on track.

At Diamond North Electric Inc, it is our job to make sure that the electrical work in your home is done carefully and correctly. Whether installing sound systems or kitchen appliances, our electrical contractor is available when you need them most. If you are in need of a reliable wall rewiring service, call us at Diamond North Electric Inc in Prince Albert, SK to schedule an appointment or consultation.

Commercial Electrician

Most workplaces are dependent on electricity to some degree or another. If something goes wrong, a commercial electrician like the professionals at Diamond North Electric Inc should be hired to take care of it. We specialize in commercial electrical systems.

Workplaces may pose unique hazards to the person doing a commercial electrical troubleshooting and repair. Many offices have extremely high voltage, active machinery, and delicate fire alarm systems. Even smaller workplaces can pose some demanding challenges, because every electrical system can have unique problems.

Because electrician work, especially at a commercial level, can be very dangerous, it is best to leave it a licensed electrical contractor like Diamond North Electric Inc. At Diamond North Electric Inc, we work quickly and safely to get your wiring and electrical work done the right way the first time.

If you are experiencing any commercial electrical issues, call us today for speedy and professional service. Our dedication to excellent customer service and safety have made us the chosen electrical company of Prince Albert, SK.